Intimus 120

INTIMUS 120 Series Document Shredder Stands Out With Its Distinct Features.

It contains many professional features used in the office environment, these innovations, which Intimus also patented

With the smart control panel feature called i-control, the mechanical jamming of the machine, warning that it is time for lubrication, manual forward and backward movement button, 30 minutes. It provides controls and warnings such as the ability to switch to stand by when not in use.

The Dynamic Thickness Measurement system, called DLS, measures the thickness of the documents to be destroyed by means of the sensors in the input chamber, and the strips on the machine switch to green, yellow and red colors according to the thickness of the led paper, preventing the machine from placing too many documents.

With its EcoLogic feature, it has a 2x2 blade system with a 2x2 blade system, it has a separate blade and waste bin for paper, and for plastic wastes such as CD-credit cards, it is disposed of in the waste bin inside the cover by using different blades, and plastic waste is prevented from mixing into the recycled paper.

Despite all these features, the Intimus 120 is very quiet. The machine body is mounted on wood so that vibration is absorbed by 4 springs. This significantly lowered the sound of the machine to 57 db.