RELAY 7000 Desktop Enveloping Machine

Relay 7000 has a monthly envelope capacity of 120 with an envelope speed of 5.4 pieces per hour. With 2 A4 and 1 brochure feeding unit, it folds your A4 and A5 size shipments into diplomat or A5 size envelopes, glue them by wetting their mouths and turns them into letters. The optional elevator envelope feeding station also adds safety and speed to your enveloping operation with its optional vertical conveyor at the exit.

Relay 7000 OMR is equipped with 1D and 2D Barcode reading technology, it completes the enveloping process by collecting multiple pages of people from the codes on your multiple pages, then folding them at the same time.

The control screen is completely provided by a tablet pc, allowing for technical intervention to the machine with remote access, keeping twenty different job descriptions in its memory, automatically adjusting the paper folding settings and envelope size, allowing you to start work with a single button.

Relay 7000 performs the document processing operation with a minimum error rate and offers the most reliable result to its user. It is the machine that offers the most economical solution among its competitors in its category.