Horizon EVO


The system consists of high-speed modules, the system starting with a high-capacity card feeding module, magnetic stripe encoding module according to the characteristics of the card to be customized, contactless chip coding module with a high-capacity chip encoding module, elevator system, color modules, HD Embosser Embossing modules that can reach unrivaled speeds, Laser It has a fast and flexible body such as Printing Modules, Monochrome Graphic Modules, Indent Modules, Tipping Modules that can paint the embossed parts, High Capacity Output Module, which can be increased or modified according to demand.

NBS offers various custom versions of Horizon Evolution HD. This allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers with each machine. Every customized Horizon Evolution HD is configured, branded and supported by NBS Technologies. Horizon works with the NBS 1500 Post System to provide full functionality of card personalization from start to finish!