Horizon Card Printing Machine


It is designed to meet the central card issuance needs of corporations, telecommunications companies and other organizations requiring high volume card issuing capabilities.
NBS offers various custom versions of Horizon. This allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers with each machine. Every customized Horizon is configured, branded and supported by NBS Technologies

Horizon works with the NBS 1500 Post System to provide full functionality of card personalization from start to finish! Individual Modules are produced to meet your exact needs. Whether embossing, front and back indent, magnetic stripe encoding, both front and back monochrome / color graphic printing, labeling or smart card initialization (both contact and contactless), we can configure a Horizon card personalization system for you.

For optimum productivity and ease of use, the Horizon card personalization system uses standard Pentium® PC and Windows® based SmartSys ™ software for easy card design and data entry flexibility.