Vantage Sorter

The first high-speed splitter with high-speed letter processing and highest industrial read rates, the Vantage ™ is a multi-application system and the industry leader in operational efficiency.

Designed for optimum efficiency, the Vantage sorter system is flexible and customizable to meet your specific business plan needs. You can perform a standard separation process using our SortEngine ™ 360 software. Vantage combines speed, intelligence and endurance to achieve a consistent overall throughput. Benefit from mail processing efficiency and revenue generation with advanced reading capability through best-in-class OCR technology. Avoid increased workforce to rework unreadable mail.

Vantage Mixed Mail Stacker Handles thicker mail quickly and cost-effectively. The Mixed Mail Stacker (MMS) feature for Vantage ™ is the latest enhancement to the BlueCrest flagship sorter solution. Mixed mail stacking technology allows for thicker mail processing, increased mail features and mail processing precision. Readability and system uptime are key to increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Vantage ™ MMS is flexible, modular and easy to use. It lists a variety of post features from simple to complex letters and prose. It provides customers with the ability to configure sorting solutions based on mail volume and available space. It offers production integrity, optimum workflow management and ease of operability. It maximizes operational efficiency without the need for multiple technology islands.